what toinvest in Puebla?

Strategic Sectors

Puebla welcomes other economic sectors or business opportunities.

Established CompaniesTime Line

1531 Foundation of Puebla city
1835Textile Industry
1928Food and Beverages Industry
1953Chemical Industry
1964Automotive Industry
1967Automotive Industry
1975Food and Beverages Industry
1995Textile Industry
1997Automotive Industry
1998Automotive Industry
2003Food and Beverages Industry
2013Automotive Industry
2017Military Industry

Automotive Industry

National Ranking4th Exporter
National Ranking4th Producer
Estimated production of vehicles for 2018608,471
State Manufacture55.3% of the PBT
Value of exports12,202 MD
Number of employed personnel40,000
Source: Economic Census, 2014. AMIA, 2019.

Textile Industry

National Ranking2° Producer
Census Gross Added Value328 MD
Employed Personnel65,000
Value of exports611.5 MD
Value of imports419.2 MD
State Manufacture10. 90% of the GDP
Source: Economic Census, 2014.

Information Technology

Investment in Science, Technology and Innovation (CTI) 3rd national place
Economic Units 5,265
Census Gross Added Value 88.07 MD
Employed Personnel15,816
Value of Imports 512.9 MD
In related degreesa/3,381
Source: Economic Census, 2014. CAIINNO, 2015. ANUIES, 2017.

Military Industry

Located in the municipality of Oriental and developed in 600 hectares
Initial investment for the construction stage53.66 MD
Installation and relocation of 16 factories
Construction stage5,000 jobs
Production in the State of Puebla: Weapons, grenades 4 mm, projectiles and mortars, cartridges, punches and dies, tools, plastics and paint.
12,000 indirect jobs
Sourse: SECOTRADE, 2017.

Tourism Sector

Hotel Occupation66.98%
Avarage Stay2 days
Economic Revenue 2017738 MDD
Visitors in 201714.5 millions
Economical Units30,923
Source: Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 2018.

Food and Beverages Industry

Most relevant state manufacture 2nd Activity
Census Gross Added Value658.6 MD
Employed Personnel 53,000
Value of exports214 MD
Value of imports416.9 MD
State Manufacture15% of the GDP
Source: Economic Census, 2014.

Chemical Industry

Investment 24.70 MD
Economic Units 195
Census Gross Added Value 202.40 MD
Employed Personnel6,900
Source: Economic Census, 2014.

Health Industry

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)6.1 MD
Economical Units154
Census Gross Added Value47.1 MD
Employed Personnel2,253
In the pharmaceutical sector258 graduates
In related degres4,724 graduates
Source: Economic Census, 2014.

Renewable Energies

Wind Park Pier II with33 wind turbines
Electric power capacity66 megawatts
Puebla contributes to the country2.1% wind power
In wind power generation 5th national place
It supplies power to more than 55 companies
Energy consumption 30% less
Source: AMDEE, 2016.

Mining Industry

State production in 2015431.1 MDD
Economic Units 596
Surface transferred until 2015333,073.6 has
Employed Personnel2,234

Mining regions:
A. Northern Sierra
B. Center
C. Izucar de Matamoros
D. Tehuacan
E. Mixteca

Countries with interference in Pueblas?s subsoil:

Canada 7.7%
Mexico 5.7%
The United States 1.5%
Source: Ministery of Economy, 2016.

Service Industry

State contribution60.8% GDP
Generated employment sources53 of every 100
Contribution to the national GDP3.1%
Employed Personnel1. 4 million
Source: Economic Census, 2014.

Education Sector

Among the States with the largest number of universities2nd place
Universities with international prestige UDLAP and BUAP
Professional graduates a/28,335
Graduates by study area a/44% Administration and social
24% Engineerings
11% Health Sciences
Members of the National System of Investigators (SNI) in Puebla1,071
Researchers for study area
26% Physicist - mathematics
18% Social sciences
17% Engineerings
Source: ANUIES, 2017. CONACYT, 2017.

MD: million dollars
FDI: Foreign Direct Investment
GDP: Gross Domestic Product
Has: Hectares
a/School cycle 2016-2017

Economic Clusters

Automotive Industry



The Zona Centro Automotive Cluster is a civil association integrated by first level automotive manufacturers, academic institutions and government authorities related to the industry in the Puebla-Tlaxcala region.

On April 21st, the Puebla government authorities signed its constitution.


  • Create a common vision and carry out collaborative activities to increase competitiveness in the sector.
  • Generate a strategic alliance with the automotive clusters of Mexico, to form a common front and thus understand the needs of the automotive industry.
  • Clusters in the country: Nuevo Leon, Guanajuato, Queretaro, State of Mexico, San Luis Potosi and Jalisco.

Milestones of the Industry

1835 Installation of the textile factory "La Constancia Mexicana".
1965 Construction work begins on the Volkswagen Plant in Mexico.
2016 Production starts at the Audi Plant in San Jose Chiapa.
2017 For the first time, the state's automotive companies, universities and government constitute the Zona Centro Automotive Cluster.

Exports 2011-2018

4th national place in vehicle exports.

3,399,838 vehicles exported from Puebla.
78% of vehicles are exported to the US, Germany and Canada.

Production 2011-2018

85% of vehicle production is exported.

4,009,312 cars manufactured

FDI in the Automotive Inndustry

11 million vehicles produced in the last 50 years.

2 thousand 943 million dollars in Foreign Direct Investment from 2011 to 2017.
55.3% represents the Automotive Industry in the state's GDP.

The governing board of the Zona Centro Automotive Cluster has three working committees:

Human development
  • Dual training model
  • Mapping of needs
  • Share best practices
  • Catalog of infrastructure capabilities
  • Transfers of innovation methodologies and best practices
Supplier development
  • Detection of regional supply
  • Development and productivity program
  • Attraction of Capital funds

Members of the Automotive Cluster

Source: Clúster Automotriz Zona Centro, 2017. AMIA, 2018. Secretaría de Economía, 2018.

Information Technology and Analytical Instrumentation


The cluster is an association of companies in the sector of Information Technology, Research Centers and Higher Education Institutions, which develop technological solutions and generate qualified sources of employment.

This initiative has been recognized by the Europaean Ministry for Cluster Analysis, granting them the certification of Cluster Management Excellence.


Foster the associativity to promete innovation and competitiveness of the Information Technology sector.


Be leaders in innovation and emerging technologies, increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of its partners and organizations served.

Specialist in:







Project office

Analyzes the future viability of projects ensuring their success, which makes it a strategic partner for large investment funds, which are committed to safe and long-term operations. In addition to offering a solid portfolio of projects, strategically diversified and a constant flow of new business opportunities to invest.


In technological teaching, they are the most complete option in Puebla, offering certifications, technology courses and computer workshops for people who want to be at the forefront of technology, either in person or online.

Branding and Marketing

They make detailed, viable and creative plans for the development of corporate image of any Company. They offer the creative development of brand names, as well as web portals that contain visual communication, multimedia, interaction, e-commerce, security and information architecture.

Specialized Consultancy

Through the application of a specialized diagnosis, they manage to identify areas of opportunity within companies that require the integration of systems and telecommunications, necessary for the optimization of resources, in key areas that must improve their performance.

Software Integration

They are responsible for integrating different computer systems through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), in such a way that the communication between commercial partners is streamlined, and at the same time, it allows you to have a B2B (Business to Business) relationship. This integration is done through four basic modalities: Classic EDI, EDI as Service, FEX EXCHANGE and BTOBFACT (electronic invoicing).


They specialize in performing the renovation of installed infrastructure of computer systems, by means of optimization and full operation of existing resources.

Multimedia and Animation

Disseminate an innovative and fun idea, contributes to strategically position a Company, brand or project; to achieve this, we use audiovisual tools that allow you to effectively communicate the message to your main customers or suppliers.

Business software

Help your Companies to reduce costs and maximize resources through a set of specialized applications, which will allow you to have control over many areas of your company such as Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Online Marketing, Supply Chain, Business Intelligence and many more.

Multiplatform Software

Based on the needs and specifications of your Company, they create Software and Multiplatform Apps capable of working in different devices, since they are certified in Moprosoft level 2 and CMMI level 3, guaranteeing the quality of their services.

Information Technology and Analytical Instrumentation Cluster Members

Source: Cluster Puebla Tic, 2017.

Main Markets Abroad
113 countriesintegrate the Puebla export portfolio.
95% of exportsare concentrated in 7 countries.

Main Commercial Partners as Business Opportunities
Within the framework of the Free Trade Agreements (FTA)

Commercial associate of Mexico

Source: Treasury Department, 2017

Reciprocal Investment Protection Agreement (APPRIS).

The APPRIS are international treaties on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which according to reciprocity bases, are designed for the promotion and legal protection of capital flows destined to the productive sector.

Source: Treasury Department, 2017