HOW TOinvest in Puebla?


Electric Power

The rate for the Southern Region in the Industrial Sector, in peak time and long duration (HT-L), for January is:

$ 18.1734 USD per killowat per hour.

Source: CFE, 2019.

Natural Gas

The sale price is calculated monthly for each zone of the country, the rate for January, in the Zone 7 is:

$ 5.1392 USD * GJ

Source: PEMEX, 2019.


The payment for the use of national waters, is determined by the type of use (commercial and/or industrial), the level of extraction and the area of water availability in aquifers.

Area 1

$ 8.048 USDSurface waters

$10.844 USDGround water

Area 2

$ 3.705 USDSurface waters

$ 4.198 USDGround water

Area 3

$ 1.215 USDSurface waters

$ 1.462 USDGround water

Source: CONAGUA, 2018.

Human Resources

Prominent Position

Net monthly salary by occupation (dollars)

$439 USDAssistants in accounting, economy, finance and stockbrokers.

$387 USDSupervisors of industrial machinery operators.

$352 USDOperators of cutting, drilling, punching and welding machines.

$346 USDMechanics in maintenance and repair of industrial machinery.

$345 USDAssemblers of tools, machinery and equipment.

$281 USDDrivers of trucks, vans and freight vehicles.

$267 USDManagers and workers in control of wharehouses and storage.

$185 USDSupport workers for development, repair and mechanical maintenance of equipment, machinery and metal and precision products.

$185 USDSweepers and cleaning workers

Source: STPS, 2017.

Land and Facilities

Industrial Land

The cost of land within an industrial park is approximately 40% less than the costs established by the States of Mexico, Jalisco and Mexico City.

$ 60 - 105 USD * square meter.

Source: Colliers International, 2017.

Executive Spaces

Find more than 911 thousand m2 of executive offices, in more than 13 executive complexes and 16 industrial parks (all services included).

Purchase price * SqFt

$ 9.55 USDminimun + taxes

$ 2,194 USDmaximun + taxes

Monthly rent

$ 590 USDminimun

$ 14,352 USDmaximun

Maintenance cost

$ 115 USDminimun + taxes

$ 46,930 USDmaximun + taxes

Source: SECOTRADE, 2017.

Executive Spaces within the State

Rent in Atlixco

$ 291 USDminimun

$ 635 USDmaximun

Rent in Tehuacan

$ 794 USDminimun

$ 6,352 USDmaximun

Rent in San Martin Texmelucan

$ 873 USDminimun

$ 2,117 USDmaximun

Source: SECOTRADE, 2017.

Business Procedures

Constitution of a Commercial Company

Issued by: Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Registration in the Employer Register of IMSS

Issued by: Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Registration in the National Registry of Foreign Investments of the Ministry of Economy.

Issued for: Ministry of Economy.

Procedure Mode: On-line.

Registration in the Mexican Business Information System (SIEM), of the Business Chamber (CANACINTRA)

Issued by: Ministry of Economy.

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Social Denomination Use Permit

Issued for: Ministry of Economy.

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Registration to the Federal Taxpayer Registry

Issued by: Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Environment Impact Assessment

Issued by: Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Public Property Registry

Issued by: Registry and Cadastral Institute of the State of Puebla (IRCEP).

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Registration to the State Registry of Taxpayers

Issued by: Ministry of Finance and Administration of the State of Puebla (SFA).

Procedure Mode: On-site.

Municipal Procedures


Stages of accompaniment and landing during your installation process.


  • Economic
  • Supply
  • Costs
  • Labor
  • Service providers
  • Constructors/builder
  • Legal and H. R.


  • Sale of property owned by Government
  • Recruiting without cost
  • Tailored support

3Construction and equipment

  • Discounts on procedures and permits
  • Customized training programs
  • Entrepenuer Funding (Equipment and training)
  • Tailored support


  • Tax discounts: Property Tax, Property Purchase Tax (ISABI),
    Payroll Tax (ISN)
  • Training scholarships for new jobs
  • Innovation Incentive Program (CONACYT)
  • Tailored support