HOW TOinvest in Puebla?


Electric Power

The rate for the Southern Region in the Industrial Sector, in peak time and long duration (DIST), for August is:

$ 0.0754 USD per killowat per hour.

Source: CFE, 2020.

Natural Gas

The sale price is calculated monthly for each zone of the country, the rate for December 2022, in the Zone 5 is:

$ 5.2570 USD * GJ

Source: Comisión Reguladora de Energía, december 2021


The payment for the use of national waters, is determined by the type of use (commercial and/or industrial), the level of extraction and the area of water availability in aquifers.

Area 1

$ 0.8808 USDSurface waters

$1.1868 USDGround water

Area 2

$ 0.4055 USDSurface waters

$ 0.4594 USDGround water

Area 3

$ 0.1329 USDSurface waters

$ 0.1599 USDGround water

Source: CONAGUA, 2019.

Human Resources

Prominent Position

Net monthly salary by occupation (dollars)*

$270 USDAssistants in accounting, economy, finance and stockbrokers.

$370 USDSupervisors of industrial machinery operators.

$207 USDOperators of cutting, drilling, punching and welding machines.

$173 USDMechanics in maintenance and repair of industrial machinery.

$305 USDAssemblers of tools, machinery and equipment.

$201 USDDrivers of trucks, vans and freight vehicles.

$183 USDManagers and workers in control of wharehouses and storage.

$154 USDSupport workers for development, repair and mechanical maintenance of equipment, machinery and metal and precision products.

$149 USDSweepers and cleaning workers

Source: Data México, Data as of 1Q 2020. * Exchange rate 19.90 Pesos per US dollar, Interbank 24 hours, Minimum sale Average prices 1Q 2020.

Land and Facilities

Industrial Land

The cost of land within an industrial park is approximately 40% less than the costs established by the States of Mexico, Jalisco and Mexico City.

$ 60 - 105 USD * square meter.

Source: Colliers International, 2017.

Executive Spaces

Find more than 911 thousand m2 of executive offices, in more than 13 executive complexes and 16 industrial parks (all services included).

Purchase price *m2

$ 9.55 USDminimun + taxes

$ 2,194 USDmaximun + taxes

Monthly rent

$ 590 USDminimun

$ 14,352 USDmaximun

Maintenance cost

$ 115 USDminimun + taxes

$ 46,930 USDmaximun + taxes

Source: Secretaría de Economía, 2017.

Executive Spaces within the State

Rent in Atlixco

$ 291 USDminimun

$ 635 USDmaximun

Rent in Tehuacan

$ 794 USDminimun

$ 6,352 USDmaximun

Rent in San Martin Texmelucan

$ 873 USDminimun

$ 2,117 USDmaximun

Source: Secretaría de Economía, 2017.

Business Procedures

Constitution of a Commercial Company

Issued by: Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Registration in the Employer Register of IMSS

Issued by: Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Registration in the National Registry of Foreign Investments of the Ministry of Economy.

Issued for: Ministry of Economy.

Procedure Mode: On-line.

Registration in the Mexican Business Information System (SIEM), of the Business Chamber (CANACINTRA)

Issued by: Ministry of Economy.

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Social Denomination Use Permit

Issued for: Ministry of Economy.

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Registration to the Federal Taxpayer Registry

Issued by: Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Environment Impact Assessment

Issued by: Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Public Property Registry

Issued by: Registry and Cadastral Institute of the State of Puebla (IRCEP).

Procedure Mode: On-site and/or On-line.

Registration to the State Registry of Taxpayers

Issued by: Ministry of Finance and Administration of the State of Puebla (SFA).

Procedure Mode: On-site.

Municipal Procedures


Stages of accompaniment and landing during your installation process.


  • Economic
  • Supply
  • Costs
  • Labor
  • Service providers
  • Constructors/builder
  • Legal and H. R.


  • Sale of property owned by Government
  • Recruiting without cost
  • Tailored support

3Construction and equipment

  • Discounts on procedures and permits
  • Customized training programs
  • Entrepenuer Funding (Equipment and training)
  • Tailored support


  • Tax discounts: Property Tax, Property Purchase Tax (ISABI),
    Payroll Tax (ISN)
  • Training scholarships for new jobs
  • Innovation Incentive Program (CONACYT)
  • Tailored support